What We Believe
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The GameChanger Manifesto

  1. Be the Consumer
  2. Be Unique
  3. Pinpoint Fanatics and Make them Love You
  4. Find creative ways to get your message out
  5. Don’t just advertise – sell
  6. Break through with New Brand Names
  7. Be Fast and Cheap

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Join the Revolution!

The consumer products game is changing. New more relevant brands are overtaking established leaders. Vitamin Water. Oxi-Clean. Proactiv Solution. Odwalla.


The fundamental approach to creating and building brands has changed. You don’t need a big budget to win anymore. But you do need a new approach.

We helped build and revitalize over 25 new brands, and we are out to change the consumer products industry. Read the Manifesto, and join our revolution.

Radically Rethinking Innovation


The Revolution

We studied breakthrough new brands in 30 different supermarket categories over the last 4 decades.

We found that during the 1970s and 1980s most new brands were created by large companies. However, during the past two decades almost all major new consumer brands ($100+M in Revenue) have come from small companies and start-ups, and big companies are struggling to innovate.


Why is this happening? Because the traditional mass market model used by most big companies no longer works. We need a new model. GameChanger has developed a winning model — based on the best practices from successful start-ups.

If you are a big company, we can help you leverage this model and adapt. If you are a start-up or small company with a good product idea, we can show you how to create the next $1B brand.

The Gamechangers

Here are some products and brands that “get it.” They have mastered the new model and are winning in the market.