The New Five Forces

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These five forces are driving change and creating opportunity. Master them and you will win. Ignore them and you will become irrelevant.


  1. From Centralized To Distributed Communications. Consumers used to learn about products from mass media. Today they are more likely to learn from friends and social networks. Your marketing plan needs to find a way to excite people within these networks to tell others.
  2. From One Size Fits All To Specialized Lifestyles. We have moved from a world where everyone wanted the same products to one where people expect to have products tailored to their personal lifestyle needs. Your brand must connect with a specific Lifestyle in a real and meaningful way to win.
  3. From Industrialization To Virtual World. Manufacturers used to rule industry and capture most of the profits. Today manufacturing is a commodity. Companies and individuals that effectively combine capabilities from multiple sources to create the best new products are winning.
  4. From Cold Insensitive Corporations To a Kinder, Gentler World. It is not enough to sell products and make a profit. Successful brands today start with a bigger mission to help their consumers and society. If you do this well with sincere intentions, profits will follow.
  5. From Top Down Direction To Democratized Everything. Consumers today expect to have a say vs. having manufacturers dictate what they get. Successful companies are involving consumer fanatics into their development process and letting the fans of their brand have a “vote.”