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The New 5 P’s

Winning consumer products today follow our new fundamentals:
  1. Purpose. Brands today need to fill a higher-order, greater -good benefit.
  2. Passion. It is better to be loved passionately by some and hated by others than to be “average.”
  3. Personality. Brands with real personalities beat sterile corporate approaches.
  4. Precision. Find the fanatics that love you and enable them to spread your gospel.
  5. Pace. Get to market fast on a small scale and learn. Build the right approach for consumers and retailers – then expand.

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Faster Growth, Better Innovation

We have developed new, more impactful ways to create breakthrough growth and innovation. Our tools combine the discipline of large corporations with the speed and agility of start-ups.

  • Corporate Innovation. We can help you find, develop and test bigger, more impactful innovations in a fast, cost-effective fashion — using techniques similar to those of the most successful entrepreneurs.
  • Start-Up/Small Company Growth. Maximize the potential of your brand by building retailer partnerships, optimizing your offering for consumers and driving awareness and trail using our Self-Funding Marketing tools.
  • Leadership. Great leaders are Game Changers. We work with CEOs and CMOs of leading companies to build better strategies and growth programs.
  • Retail Partnerships. Make your package work harder for you with our award-winning design team and our “Designs that Sell” process.

Our Services

Here are some of the services we provide:

Learning Laboratories™

Test and adjust products in a fast, flexible, real-world environment. Learn quickly whether your product has what it takes to sell in store, and get the key elements right (pricing, marketing, message, etc.) to enable a successful expansion.

Brand Optimizer

Revitalize your brand to drive sales. Optimize/Build your product, message and go-to-market plan by better understanding which elements and approaches drive consumer demand — and adjusting your offering appropriately.

Real Time Co-Creation

Build products iteratively with consumers. We enlist “fanatics” in an interactive and evolutionary product and package development process. This results in products with more personality, passion, and ultimately, long-term success.

Retail Connect

Engage proactively with leading retailers. We can help you refine and pre-sell opportunities to leading retailers in a “safe” environment, using our panel of executives from Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Super-Valu and others.

Self-Funding Marketing

Build your brand fast without a big investment. We have developed a range of self-funding marketing tools used by successful start-ups to dramatically expand their awareness, trial and loyalty without a meaningful investment.

The Opportunity

We studied major new brand creation ($100+M revenue) by decade across 30 grocery categories. We found that big company innovation is declining and small company opportunities are increasing.

We developed a new model for growth and innovation — based on the most successful start-ups.

If you are a small company, we can help you utilize these best practices.

If you are a big company, we have tools to help you get more entrepreneurial to effectively compete.