Corporate Innovation

The Seven Deadly Sins

Most Corporate Innovation programs fall victim to one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins. GameChanger provides an alternative process to help you avoid these common pitfalls:
  1. Business Blindness: Individuals competing in a category are often blinded to potential disruptive innovations.
  2. Self-Reliance Syndrome: Great innovations require external collaboration vs. a “go it alone” mentality.
  3. Bureaucratic Burial: Too many approval steps will kill great ideas.
  4. Specialist Stagnation: Great innovations are built with a by generalists who can challenge established business practices.
  5. Mindset Mismatch: Most corporations develop and train great managers, who have the opposite mindset of entrepreneurs.
  6. Big Bang Launch: Step-wise launches that allow time to perfect the proposition work better than the traditional big bang mass market launch.
  7. Portfolio Pitfalls: Big companies over-invest in individual ideas. You need to place a larger number of small bets, and think more like a VC.

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Corporate Innovation Reinvented

GameChanger helps companies generate more breakthrough innovation, by applying fast, flexible entrepreneurial approaches to the typical innovation model.

Most corporate innovation programs are slow, costly and better suited to close-in line extensions than breakthrough new products. We have developed an Alternative Innovation Process combining the best entrepreneurial approaches with the corporate model to generate breakthrough innovations faster, more cost-effectively and with less risk.


Corporate Innovation Services

Learning Laboratories™

Fast, flexible, real-market testing is critical to evaluating and refining breakthrough products. Our Learning Lab allows you to quickly test products and make real time adjustments in one of our panels of 8-10 stores. Adjust pricing, shelving, merchandising and marketing approaches on the fly, while we collect consumer feedback and weekly store movement. Find the winning combination to make your product a home run.

Brand Fanatics Connection™

Successful brands today are Lifestyle-based and make a deep connection with core users or “fans.” We help companies connect on a deep, intimate level with their “Brand Fanatics” by creating a dedicated panel and two-way dialog. Where traditional consumer research only scratches the surface, we go deep.

Real Time Co-Creation

Get your product idea to market fast, efficiently and with the right insights. We enlist target consumers with experienced marketers and designers in an interactive and evolutionary process to build the complete product proposition with branding, packages, labels and messaging in just 6-8 weeks. Our products have personality, passion and ultimately, greater long-term success.

Disruptive Idea Development

Let us help you find the next $1 Billion opportunity through a unique process that challenges sacred cows and established approaches. We tap into cross-category trends and emerging technologies while mapping the human needs evolution to drive toward big disruptive ideas. Our process takes a variety of stimuli to consumers in a fashion that generates new dialog and insights about consumers’ unarticulated — but critical — needs. Great new products are not simply the result of creativity; they are built upon big, undiscovered, emerging needs, which we can help you uncover.

Where’s the Growth?

Most large consumer products companies are struggling to find a successful growth model. Even though innovation overall is at an all-time high, innovation from big companies has declined the past two decades.

However, our study of 30 supermarket categories shows that small companies and start-ups are having an abundance of success. Winning consumer product innovation is no longer about having the biggest budget — it is about having great ideas and the right approach.

Most large companies are still using “Mass Market” approaches to create and launch new products. These approaches no longer work. If you want to win at new products in this new world, you need to get faster, smarter, more targeted, more cost effective and more entrepreneurial.

We are committed to helping companies pursue the new model. Let us help you.