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Maximize your Brand’s Growth Potential

GameChanger helps companies achieve step-change growth through innovative brand building, retailer partnerships, cost effective targeted marketing.

Company size and resources are no longer critical to success in consumer products. We can help virtually any size company with any size budget grow faster using our model. The key is to have a great product, the right insights and a targeted plan.


GameChanger Services

Retail Connect

Increase your effectiveness with retailers by engaging proactively with them. We can help you build win-win relationships, by connecting with senior executives from Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Safeway and other leading retailers.

Self-Funded Marketing

Advertising and marketing are critical to stimulating demand, but for many companies they can be cost prohibitive. GameChanger has developed a range of self-funding marketing tools that pay for themselves in sales growth and help build brands – allowing you to create a big impact with few dollars. Many successful start-ups have used these to dramatically expand their businesses.

Brand Optimizer™

Optimize/Build your product, package, label, message and go-to-market plan by better understanding which elements and approaches make consumers want to buy, and adjusting your offering appropriately. We break down, assess and rebuild every element of your proposition with consumers to maximize purchase interest in your brand.

One Week Strategy

Not sure what you want or where to start? Sign up for our One Week strategy program. The GameChanger team will work with you for an intensive week. We will evaluate all aspects of your business against our best practices, identify major opportunities for growth within the constraints of your budget, and complete a step-by-step action plan, with specific business approaches and financials. This week-long session typically pays for itself several times over in near-term, easy-to-achieve growth opportunities. We have successfully performed this One Week strategy for over 18 different clients in the past two years.