GameChanger Values

We have studied many successful leaders who launched game changing businesses and initiatives, and these are the values that have been instrumental in their success.
  1. Highest Integrity
  2. Two-Way Candor
  3. Never Satisfied with Status Quo
  4. Everyone is Equal
  5. Thrifty Every day, but willing to Invest in Opportunity
  6. Don’t Over-Analyze, Just Do It
  7. Constant Experimentation — try things likely to fail just to learn
  8. Obstacles are a Challenge, not a Barrier
  9. Help the World — and the world will reward us
  10. Pay for the best talent

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Great Leaders are Game Changers

Great leaders don’t become great by “playing it safe.” Great leaders drive dramatic change.

Ghandi. Henry Ford. Steve Jobs.


Being a successful “game changer” is all about taking well-calculated risks. Pursue breakthrough ideas, while managing your downside.

We have helped CEOs and CMOs at both large and small companies become successful game changers. Let us show you how an inexpensive, well-calculated innovation program can double or triple your company’s growth rate without significant risk.

Are you ready to create your own GameChanger legacy?

Create a GameChanger Event

Larry Popelka, CEO of GameChanger, is available for speaking engagements. Learn the GameChanger approach and inspire your team to “get out of the box.”